Mens hairstyles 2011

    Men’s hairstyles have different choices in the growing modern era of fashion world. Men and hairstyles for men have learn to develop cool men’s hairstyles for 2011. Modern day man is ready to break out of his shell and give himself a sassier look. Cool haircuts 2011 includes spikes, short, crew cut or a combination of any of them.

    - Men with heart shape face can easily carry medium length hair as well. You can search through various picture galleries of celebs to figure out popular and hot men’s hairstyle.

    - Collarbone length haircuts are one of the growing cool hairstyles for 2011. Men with oval face or round face can easily carry collarbone length haircuts. However, if you have a long face, it is better to have short length as long hair will make your face look even longer and thinner.

    - Layered haircut is one of the coolest men’s short hairstyles that is extremely popular with men with straight hair. if you love layered hair you can opt for a little messy look with the layered haircut.

    - Layered haircut with a little longer length on the side and spikes at the back and crown also give an extremely cool look to your face. Choose your favourite layered hairstyle that can also be swept backwards into a more formal look when needed.

    - Bangs work great with layered hairstyles. A few flocks falling on the forehead look extremely trendy and young. You can try bangs with short layered haircut as cool men’s hairstyles for 2011.

    - Men preferred diversity as normal is boring. You can try a cutting hair at diverse length to give a modern look. This hairstyle works great with dark and straight hair. Streaking you hair with golden or brown shades give depth to your hair and give a completely different younger look to your face.

    - Blend layers of your hair at uneven spaces so that you cannot figure where the layer ends and another one begins. Give you layered haircut a messy look with a smooth gel or pomade. You can imply an even look with gel which cannot be termed in to a single style.

    - With layered haircut combined with spikes or crew cut at the back, you should learn to work with styling gels. Styling gels can help you try different looks each day especially when you have extremely straight hair with layered haircut.

    - Crew cut is always popular will always remain the trendiest hairstyle. This is especially common with men who have balding problems.

    - Did you forget the spiky haircut? Spikes are popular amongst men in teens and their ‘tees’. Spikes on the crown styled with gel or pomade are emerging trends for 2011.

    - For men with heart shape face chin-length or longer hairstyles look extremely cool. You can also try side parting or hairs swept in forward layers around the upper part of your face.

    Young men around the world are favouring dangerous and daring looks. They are ready to experiment giving hairstylists ample opportunities to experiment with different styling techniques.

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